Lokalfeed celebrates the month of International Women’s Day with four weeks of fun, empowering and wholesome activities, unleashing the spirit of #ChooseToChallenge in you!

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7th March

We kick off this month of celebrating strong, inspiring women, Defining Challenge, with a physical celebration of International Women’s Event Day at Crane on 7 March.

Keeping It Real

Tune in to us on 7 March, 5-9pm or better yet, head on down say Hello! We’ll be at Crane!

13th March

We invite you to put your physical capabilities to the test with our slew of physical wellness activities that aim to Challenge Yourself to Something New.

Introduction to Muay Thai with Six Sigma

Learn clean striking techniques, clear footworks and basic self-defence skills.

Feel Empowered with the Barbell with 1Habit

Learn boxing techniques, combinations, tactics and movements while building your strength, endurance
and agility.

Feel Empowered with the Barbell with 1Habit

Learn how to squat, deadlift and bench press in this Introductory Barbell session.

Dancehall Queenstyle with RaggaWaka

Come dive into the raw, energetic world of Dancehall.

[Zoom Class]
Full Body Pilates with Maybelle

Whether you are a first-timer or experienced, this is the perfect workout for you! 

Meal Prepping 101: How to Meal Prep Like a #Pro with Aqilah

Learn how to start preparing your own meals according to your nutrition goals. 

20th March

Stitch Meditation
with Agy

In this session, you will learn simple relaxation techniques and explore sound healing to help reduce stress, boost energy, and have a calmer and clearer mind which aids positive thinking, thus improving overall health.

[Zoom Class]
Full Body Pilates
with Maybelle

In this session, Agy will take you through a short meditative stitching session, exercises and a brief discussion on the outcome. The aim of this session is not to make a product but to bring slow into our lives – using fabric remnants #zerowaste. Workshop materials will be provided.

Leather Offcuts Workshop with
Forest Child

Learn how to start preparing your own meals according to your nutrition goals. A 1.5-hour special workshop (using strictly offcuts) driven to educate about leather and to share the biggest tea of the season; every consumer plays the biggest role in handling the shelf-life of an end-product. 

Laughter Therapy with Yasmin Butt

Online Laughter Therapy is a 30-min group workshop in which we laugh through 25 different ways.

Overcoming Resistance to Change with Christina

Get a different perspective using Israeli based Theory of Constraints framework on what is blocking you from successfully achieving your personal or
interpersonal win-win goal.

27th March

[Online Panel Discussion]

Breaking The Silence
on Sexual Misconduct

2:00 - 3:30pm

Sexual misconduct and harassment have been put under the spotlight the past year, with the rise of such cases reported in tertiary schools, at workplaces and more women using the digital space to speak up on this issue. Lokalfeed brings a panel to discuss the emotional and physical boundaries, understanding consent and providing support to those who have broken their silence.

[Online Panel Discussion]

Dare to be Different,
Dare to be YOU

4:30 - 6:00pm

More women are taking the road less travelled, treading their chosen paths with their own uniqueness. Lokalfeed presents a panel of inspiring women who have gone out there, creating ripples of waves in their own way. Join us as we sit down with them and we hope it’ll inspire YOU to take that first step to pave your way, your own way!

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